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To gain market share from alternate channels, general merchandisers have expanded their offerings to include consumables, in addition to apparel, home goods, furniture and a variety of other categories.

For over a century, we have worked with companies of all sizes and formats, including many of the largest multi-channel operators in the space to guide their toughest decisions and provide the hands-on operational support they need to effect strategic change.


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Ulos Anderson

Senior Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Mark Dufton

Senior Advisor, Real Estate

Rick Edwards

Head of North America Retail

Tom Lonabocker

Senior Managing Director, Retail

Patrick Domingo

Director, Valuations

Becky Goldfarb

Managing Director, Retail Valuations

Samantha Schackman

Director, Business Development, Northeast Region

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Berta Escudero

Managing Director, Retail

Olaf Galler

Senior Managing Director, Head of Europe Retail

Scott Ronaldson

Managing Director, Italy

Nimit Shah

Managing Director

Nick Taylor

Senior Retail Advisor, International

Asia Pacific

Brendan Smyth

Senior Director, Valuations