Machinery & Equipment

In working with Gordon Brothers, our clients gain access to information from the most expansive database of machinery and equipment asset values in the world, a resource exclusive to our team.

Our appraisers work on-site to create detailed equipment lists. We pair this knowledge with in-depth market analysis driven by our proprietary network of industry contacts, the depth of experience from the largest ASA-accredited team in the industry, as well as the direct recovery experience of our industrial disposition experts, who have disposed of billions of dollars of industrial assets.


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Metalworking Machinery

Jerry Galaszewski analyzes the metalworking machinery industry and provides advice for lenders.

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Scott Breier

Director, Valuations

Bill Corwin

Director, Valuations

Jerome Galaszewski

Managing Director, Machinery & Equipment Valuations

Jason Jones

Manager, Energy Valuations


Duncan Ainscough

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Nicholas Schofield

Senior Director, Commercial & Industrial

David Swift


Keith Tatterton

Director, Valuations

Karl Werner

Head of International Industrial

Greg Zaharewicz

Director, Commercial & Industrial

Asia Pacific

Matt Aubrey

Senior Managing Director

Jeremy Dodds

Associate, Valuations

Fenton Healy

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Nick Jordan

Senior Associate

Jordan Lukupa


Michael McMahon

Director, Execution, Commercial & Industrial

Thomas Overton

Manager, Commercial & Industrial

Matt Plunkett

Director, Commercial & Industrial

Luke Santostefano

Senior Manager, Deals & Origination

Brendan Smyth

Director, Valuations