Nick Taylor

Senior Managing Director, International Retail

Nick is responsible for developing and delivering retail strategies that add significant economic and operational value – often guaranteed – to our clients across the globe. Nick is a recognised industry expert in retail asset recovery– one of only a few people globally that has such depth of expert knowledge, skills and experience in this field – with three of Europe’s Top-25 Retailers choosing to engage and benefit from his services. Specialising in the DIY home improvement, department store and apparel store sectors, his experience spans across 24 countries – from Brazil to Belgium – involving over €3 billion of inventory across over 3,000 stores. Nick has led various country-based retail teams to successfully deliver projects for leading global retailers; each project requiring a unique retail-solution adding both enormous economic value and maximized cash-returns from under-performing assets. Nick is a thoroughbred retailer with over 25 years’ experience in senior, front-end retail, operational and marketing roles within the European Kingfisher Group.