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The distinct manufacturing and sales process of the furniture market, as well as its changing distribution channels, require special consideration—especially given the sector's high sales seasonality and correlation with consumer sentiment.

As the largest operator of retail disposition and clearance events in the industry, we have the specific expertise clients need to contend with the many forces shaping this segment of retail.


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Michael Guelfo

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Sondra Yee

Managing Director, Retail

Kristen Menslage

Director, Retail Valuations

Sam Schackman

Director, Valuations

Peter Wilhelm

Senior Manager, Valuations


Berta Escudero

Managing Director, Retail

Olaf Galler

Head of Europe Retail

Nimit Shah

Managing Director

Nick Taylor

Senior Retail Advisor, International

Asia Pacific

Jeremy Dodds

Associate, Valuations

Brendan Smyth

Director, Valuations