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Digital Commerce is the way of the future, but for some lenders and operators, it is still uncertain territory. Success demands unique consideration and rapid responsiveness.

As the pioneer of online inventory disposition practices and with hands-on experience operating and transitioning consumers to digital channels, we offer the insight our clients need to understand this dynamic aspect of retail. Gordon Brothers conducted the first exclusively online disposition event undertaken and innovated our own e-commerce platform that later developed into one of the largest flash sale sites.

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Content Library Valuation Requires Review & Complex Considerations

Learn why valuing content libraries may involve a complex set of considerations.

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Lee Cote

Senior Managing Director, Retail

Patrick Domingo

Director, Valuations

Becky Goldfarb

Managing Director, Retail Valuations

Samantha Schackman

Director, Business Development, Northeast Region


Berta Escudero

Managing Director, Retail

Olaf Galler

Senior Managing Director, Head of Europe Retail

Malcolm MacAulay

Senior Advisor

Nick Taylor

Senior Retail Advisor, International

Asia Pacific

Jeremy Dodds

Senior Associate, Valuations

Brendan Smyth

Senior Director, Valuations