With highly variable commodity inputs, complex processes, and international distribution channels, the metals sector is one of the most dynamic and demanding areas of the industrial economy.

With proprietary data from thousands of metals transactions, as well as first-hand experience selling metals assets, we offer clients unparalleled insight and practical support to meet the demands of this challenging sector.


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Industry Insight


Alex Sutton analyzes the steel industry and provides advice for lenders.

Industry Insight


Alex Sutton analyzes the copper industry’s market trends and pricing and provides advice for lenders.

Industry Insight


Alex Sutton analyzes the aluminum industry’s market trends and provides advice for lenders.

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Michael Guelfo

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Scott Breier

Director, Valuations

Jerome Galaszewski

Managing Director, Machinery & Equipment Valuations

Alex Sutton

Managing Director, Head of Research


Duncan Ainscough

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Nicholas Schofield

Senior Director, Commercial & Industrial

Asia Pacific

Jeremy Dodds

Associate, Valuations

Fenton Healy

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Luke Santostefano

Senior Manager, Deals & Origination

Brendan Smyth

Director, Valuations