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Reliance on volatile commodity inputs, long lead times and the importance of longer-term trends in passenger aviation, corporate travel and military spending demand special consideration in the aerospace and defense industry.

Over the billions of dollars of appraisals and dispositions that we have undertaken for some of the largest operators in the industry, we have discerned the key drivers of value to help guide our clients.


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Bill Corwin

Director, Valuations

Kreg Guran

Senior Manager, Valuations

Christopher Muise

Director, Global Valuations

Scott Ribeiro

Director, Commercial & Industrial

Alex Sutton

Managing Director, Head of Research

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Duncan Ainscough

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Nicholas Schofield

Senior Director, Commercial & Industrial

Keith Tatterton

Director, Valuations

Greg Zaharewicz

Director, Commercial & Industrial

Asia Pacific

Luke Santostefano

Senior Manager, Deals & Origination

Brendan Smyth

Senior Director, Valuations