Disposition & Assets for Sale

Through hands-on management and up-front capital, we help business owners, operators and their lenders identify and extract value from assets to generate greater liquidity and flexibility.

Explore our assets for sale, including machinery and equipment, inventory, businesses, intellectual property, furniture, fixtures and equipment, as well as commercial real estate for sale and lease.

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Retail Assets


We help clients unlock liquidity and achieve sustainable growth by maximizing the value of underperforming assets while limiting costs and liabilities—with guaranteed results.

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Commercial & Industrial Assets

Disposition & Assets for Sale

We partner with clients to extract value from assets and specialize in structuring complex, multi-asset transactions. We bring cash to closing and assume principal risk for non-go forward assets.

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Lease Restructuring & Termination


We provide lease valuation, restructuring and mitigation services to optimize real estate portfolios and generate savings from ongoing or exited leases. We often align incentives, providing guaranteed outcomes and only earning a fee if we produce results.

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Property Disposition

Disposition & Assets for Sale

We help clients sell their owned real estate in all stages of operation, from occupied to vacant, for all property types, including retail, restaurant, grocery, industrial, warehouse and more.

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Business Operations & Support


To help manage through change, we offer companies short- to mid-term operational support with customized strategies, from interim retail management to mergers and acquisitions support to brand licensing and more.

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Ulos Anderson

Senior Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

James Avallone

Senior Managing Director, Real Estate

Dennis A. Bolton II

Senior Managing Director, Head of North America Equipment Finance

Mark Dufton

Senior Advisor, Real Estate

Rick Edwards

Head of North America Retail

Rob Gould

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Thomas Pedulla

Head of Real Estate

Durien Sanchez

Managing Director, Retail

Liz Sarhaddi-Blue

Managing Director

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Duncan Ainscough

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Álvaro Cobo

Managing Director, Spain & Portugal

Olaf Galler

Senior Managing Director, Head of Europe Retail

Scott Ronaldson

Managing Director, Italy

Nick Taylor

Senior Retail Advisor, International

Asia Pacific

Matt Aubrey

Senior Managing Director

Yoshiyuki Fujikawa

Senior Managing Director, Finance & Investment

Fenton Healy

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Tim Stewart

Head of Asia Pacific

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