We offer a range of integrated and standalone solutions customized to unlock and optimize unrecognized value through valuation, disposition, lending or investing.

Valuation & Appraisal

Leveraging the world’s largest proprietary asset-recovery database and a century of disposition expertise, we deliver the insight and accuracy clients need to make sound decisions.

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Disposition & Assets for Sale

Through hands-on management, up-front capital and guaranteed outcomes, we help business owners, operators and their lenders identify and extract value from assets to generate greater liquidity and flexibility.

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Financing & Investment

Gordon Brothers Capital provides both short- and long-term capital to clients beyond traditional asset-based lending. We lend or invest directly in brands, real estate, inventory, receivables, machinery, equipment and more.

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For clients located outside of the U.S., our products and services are not directed specifically at individuals located in the European Union. Our products and services, as well as their specific terms and conditions, are subject to change and may not be available in all territories or to all clients. If you are not located in the U.S., the laws and regulations of your country of residence could affect the offering, negotiation, discussion, provision and/or use of the products and services offered to clients in the U.S. If you are not a U.S. resident, please see our office locations to learn more about the products and services that are offered in your desired location. The information that you are reviewing on this website is for your information only, shall not be considered a solicitation or advertisement of specific services in locations requiring a license to do so, and shall be acted on by you solely at your discretion.


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