Across thousands of transactions, Gordon Brothers has participated at all points of the transportation sector, providing clients with accurate asset values established by a team of highly experienced appraisers.

As a critical support function of virtually any industry, the transportation sector relies on broader trends within the economy. Further, sector-specific drivers include globalization, fluctuating petroleum costs, trade regulations and environmental considerations.

Gordon Brothers’ trucking and trailer experts bring over 100 years of combined experience to your business. Our tenured team is on the ground in key markets providing reliable valuations of all transportation-related inventory, machinery and equipment, and leased and rental trailer fleets.

Across thousands of transactions, we have participated at all points of the transportation sector, providing our clients with the insight and experience they need to make sound decisions and achieve the best use of their assets.


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Erick Beaudoin

Director, Valuations

James Brodie

Senior Manager, Valuations

Bill Corwin

Director, Valuations

Jerome Galaszewski

Managing Director, Machinery & Equipment Valuations

Kreg Guran

Senior Manager, Valuations

Jason Jones

Manager, Energy Valuations

Matt Plunkett

Director, Commercial & Industrial

Tim Randall

Senior Manager, Valuations

Scott Ribeiro

Director, Commercial & Industrial

Alex Sutton

Managing Director, Head of Research

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Duncan Ainscough

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Greg Zaharewicz

Director, Commercial & Industrial

Asia Pacific

Matt Aubrey

Senior Managing Director

Fenton Healy

Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial

Michael McMahon

Senior Director, Operations, Commercial & Industrial

Luke Santostefano

Senior Manager, Deals & Origination

Brendan Smyth

Senior Director, Valuations