Dr. Andreas Kemper

Managing Director

Dr. Andreas Kemper is a Managing Director at Gordon Brothers. Andreas is responsible for providing both short- and long-term capital to partners undergoing transformation beyond traditional asset-based financing. He develops, structures and executes bespoke solutions with a focus on the European market.

Andreas has more than 15 years of international experience as a senior officer, investor and advisor and is committed to strong partner relationships in challenging environments.

Prior to rejoining Gordon Brothers, Andreas was the Chief Financial Officer of Orsay, a leading European fast fashion retail company. He was previously a Director, Retail at Gordon Brothers working closely with leading European retailers. He’s held various senior investment and advisory positions at leading retail and internet companies and in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions.

Andreas holds a doctorate from the European Business School Oestrich-Winkel where he studied Business Administration. He is a native German speaker and is fluent in English and French.