Supported the transition of this technology retailer to an e-commerce model through the strategic closure of 31 stores.

Gordon Brothers provided operational and marketing support for Tiger Direct’s strategic restructuring. In 2015, Tiger Direct made the decision to close the majority of its store operations and migrate to an e-commerce structure. In order to retain value for the future enterprise, the company sought support transitioning existing customers and business accounts to its online channel.

Over the nine week project, we implemented an integrated marketing plan to incentivize subsequent online purchases using social media, email, text, QR and print campaigns. The execution of these programs involved seamless partnership with the company’s normal course marketing programs and internal IT and marketing teams. Due to the ongoing nature of the business, brand protection was of critical importance and all materials were developed to dovetail seamlessly with Tiger’s normal course and future brand strategy. To enhance recoveries for the store closing sales, we also invested our own capital to source complementary inventory for the stores. Tiger Direct successfully completed its transition to an e-commerce business and retained its client base to support its future growth.