Delivered a successful brand restructuring incorporating sensitive management of staff and trade unions. 

We proposed an innovative, guaranteed store closure solution to maximise recoveries and deliver excellent return on investment.

French fashion brand La Halle, owned by Vivarte Group, experienced financial difficulties in 2015 and took the decision to close 223 of its 600+ stores.  We carried out an on-the-ground assessment to prioritise tactics and began by transferring obsolete merchandise from ongoing stores to boost stock levels during the sales period.

As the store closure programme got underway we streamlined processes and disposed of fixtures, fittings and equipment alongside the sale of inventory.  An outstanding sales promotion process, incorporating different techniques, was designed and implemented specifically for this project, due to closing down sales running just after the standard July sales period.

Customer loyalty was managed with a bespoke, integrated customer transference package, using signage and leaflets to advise customers on continuing stores.

We successfully executed the closure of 223 La Halle stores during a ten-week period, whilst managing an intricate collaboration between company teams and trade unions. As the first major successful retail restructure in France, this was a ground-breaking project, expertly negotiating French commercial trading laws. Our unique ability to guarantee the project both financially and operationally, combined with our prolific industry experience, helped us to exceed sales targets throughout and left the La Halle fashion chain in a strong position to move forward.