Executed a diagnostic of outlet operations, streamlined processes and cleared all surplus stock ahead of schedule.

We helped Oaktree Management Capital, owner of Conbipel, to clear a surplus of obsolete merchandise and revise pricing and in-store marketing processes.

Conbipel is a well-known Italian fashion retailer with 159 full price and 9 outlet stores. Following acquisition of the brand, new owners Oaktree Capital found a substantial excess of old stock and appointed us to conduct a full diagnostic of the outlet store operation. The resulting presentation included a new approach to pricing, in-store merchandising and logistics processes, which we were then instructed to implement.

Our team of experienced UK and Italian consultants worked closely with Oaktree Capital and Conbipel to introduce and execute the new high-impact proposition, which proved so successful it was then rolled out to the entire full price chain during its two sale periods.  The new ‘pull’ based logistics system was up and running ahead of schedule, enabling the €33 million backlog of obsolete stock to be efficiently redistributed to outlet stores. Overall the new system produced an improved cash position through increased cash flow and reduced expenditure and stockholding, allowing Conbipel to utilise its outlets more effectively.