Supported restructuring through the strategic closure of underperforming stores and provision of working capital.

We helped Blanco to avoid bankruptcy and continue trading through the implementation of a strategic store closure programme and provision of working capital.

Blanco is a Spanish company specialising in the design, production, distribution and sale of men’s and womenswear across Europe. Following the economic crisis, the business was forced to voluntary file for bankruptcy protection in June 2013 and appointed us to provide operational expertise and capital.  Working closely with the Blanco management team, we initiated a programme to relieve immediate stock pressures and allow numerous stores to continue trading.

An operational review led to the structured closure of 45 underperforming stores, implementing immediate sales and sensitivity to preserve brand heritage and value.  In addition, we supported Blanco with all in-store activity, supplier negotiations and promotional marketing to generate sales and maximise turnover in the short term.

The provision of working capital funding through the purchase of inventory also allowed the business to continue trading and complete its restructure.  Ultimately, our involvement increased the brand’s cash value and allowed Blanco to focus on securing a sustainable future for the company. Blanco was acquired by Fawaz Alhokair Group, a leading retail and real estate business in Saudi Arabia, preserving the brand and many jobs.