Facilitated the acquisition of a consumer electronics distributor, disposed of inventory and equipment, and transitioned desired assets.

When Archbrook Laguna entered bankruptcy, we were able to provide a rapid, holistic solution that provided the highest return on the assets and supported the strategic acquisition of parts of the business. We offered up-front capital, acquiring the full portfolio assets and select liabilities outright. We also provided the operational support to wind down portions of the business while retaining others for subsequent sale.

Archbrook Laguna was a distributor of consumer electronics, computers and appliances. The company also operated a home appliance and personal care subsidiary, ABL Lehrhoff. After finding a buyer for only certain pieces of intellectual property and inventory related to this business, we proceeded to dispose of the unwanted assets. This involved dispatching a team to the facilities and implementing a sales and marketing plan for the hard assets, as well as a disciplined program for the collection of the accounts receivable.

Through this structure, we were able to preserve approximately 100 jobs for former ArchBrook Laguna associates and delivered the desired assets to the acquirer free and clear of any liabilities.