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As one of the largest aspects of the economy that touches all members of society, the health care sector is complex and heavily dependent on population growth, advances in science and technology, and government regulation. As one of the largest appraisers of medical equipment in the industry, we provide our clients with unrivaled insight into drivers of change and value to help them meet the demands of the sector today, and tomorrow.

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Health Care Industry Update

Pharmaceuticals remain one of the few product categories that have not yet been impacted by Chinese tariffs. Additionally, the rate at which U.S. drug prices have increased has slowed in 2019. Despite this recent optimism around pricing, a spate of lawsuits related to opioid abuse against a collection of companies has hit the industry in the past few years, threatening revenues for some of the country’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.

Separately, revenue for diagnostic imaging centers in the United States is forecasted to grow over the next five years due in part to an aging population. Simultaneously, magnetic resonance imaging providers are facing increasing costs relative to acquiring and maintaining advanced systems while managing increased control over laboratory services leveraged by Medicare. Given the many changing industry variables for both pharmaceuticals and imaging services, learn what Gordon Brothers' industry experts have to say about the implications for asset values in these segments.

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