Retail Expert Series

The Retail Expert Series features Gordon Brothers’ global retail industry experts who provide their views and deep expertise on topical themes influencing and shaping the retail sector through a series of short and insightful videos.

In our latest video, Olaf Galler, Head of Europe Retail, and Berta Escudero, Managing Director, Retail, explore four threats facing retailers in 2023 and strategies retailers can use to mitigate these threats.

Four Threats Facing Retailers in 2023

Learn more about the challenges and opportunities retailers are facing from the previous videos in our series:

Four Ways to Save a Distressed Retailer

Olaf Galler and Berta Escudero discuss why many retailers have disappeared from the high streets in recent years and provide four survival strategies for distressed retailers.

The Circular Retail Revolution: Four Trends That Will Change Retail Forever

Nick Taylor, Senior Retail Advisor, International, analyses four key trends giving rise to the circular retail revolution and how changing consumer habits are driving retailers to change.

How to Create an Assetless Retail Brand: Laura Ashley

Nick Taylor is joined by Tobias Nanda, Head of Brands, to discuss the assetless based retail model and how our firm applies this methodology and uses a four-point checklist to help revitalize brands like Laura Ashley.

Five Retail Trends Post COVID-19

Nick Taylor analyses five COVID-19 retail trends and discusses those that may ‘stick’ and those that may change as we continue to emerge from the global pandemic.

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