Gordon Brothers Launches New Global Positioning to Reflect Continued Evolution of Company

Press Release

Date October 5, 2016

Gordon Brothers Group, the 113 year-old, global advisory, restructuring, and investment firm, announced today that all of its operating units will now be positioned under one name: Gordon Brothers. 

With services in valuations, dispositions, operations, and investments, Gordon Brothers works across numerous industries to help clients put assets to their highest and best use. It is the largest asset appraiser in the world. Annually, Gordon Brothers appraises and disposes of $70 billion in assets. The firm has access to $750 million in capital to deploy around the world. 

“Gordon Brothers has built a strong reputation, backed up by extensive capability and expertise. As a strategic partner, we help clients understand where industries, sectors, and assets are going and help them take action,” said Kenneth Frieze, Chief Executive Officer. “The team is more connected than ever and ready to provide rapid, customized, and guaranteed solutions on an integrated or standalone basis for clients at all points in the business lifecycle.”

Gordon Brothers works with lenders, investors, advisors, and operating companies in the retail, commercial, and industrial sectors. The core dispositions teams already carry the Gordon Brothers name, while a number of business units previously known as Gordon Brothers-AccuVal, Emerald Technology Valuations, GB Energy Partners, DJM Real Estate, and Gordon Brothers Europe will now be under the singular Gordon Brothers banner. 

“In support of the ‘one firm’ business strategy, we modernized and upgraded the Gordon Brothers brand identity. Our new site complements ongoing thought leadership activities and increases understanding of the comprehensive and innovative solutions that we offer worldwide,” said Colleen Arons, Managing Director and Head of Marketing. “This positioning sends a signal to the market that Gordon Brothers is stronger than ever and the team is at the ready to help clients optimize, overhaul, or reinvent.”  

Gordon Brothers operates out of 25 offices spread across four continents. International markets include Europe, with a major presence in London, and South America, where the company recently opened offices in São Paulo to assist clients in Brazil and throughout the region. Gordon Brothers will continue to be headquartered in Boston. 

“This is a proud moment for Gordon Brothers. Over the years, we have acquired firms that specialize in a particular geography, discipline, or sector. These acquisitions enabled us to do more for clients,” said Frieze. “Now it’s time to go to market with one brand that reflects our comprehensive solution set, enabling results that otherwise are seemingly impossible for our clients to achieve.”