Recognizing Excellence: Women in Secured Finance Profiles Wendy Eng


Date April 12, 2020

Featured in The Secured Lender

Gordon Brothers' Wendy Eng is profiled in The Secured Lender's fifth Women in Secured Finance issue. The mission of SFNet’s Women in Secured Finance Committee is to promote the advancement of women in leadership in the secured finance industry through networking, education and advocacy.

Q: Studies have shown women are reluctant to tout their accomplishments in the workplace. What advice would you give to help women be more comfortable with speaking up?:

Always be prepared. If you are preparing for a presentation and know in advance what the topic is, do some research and familiarize yourself with the subject matter to ensure you have something material to add to the conversation. I also find that the more often I speak up, the more comfortable and confident I become in offering my point of view.

Q: What is your approach/advice to change in the workplace?

It may be easier said than done, but my advice is to remain open-minded about change in the workplace, and use it as an opportunity to learn and grow. I have worked at many different types of companies and throughout my career have experienced various levels of change, both positive and challenging. For example, I once worked for a business-consulting firm that closed and later worked for a firm that went through a major acquisition. Although both of these experiences required me to reset my expectations, I was able to take advantage of both situations to learn new ways of approaching challenges. Ultimately, change has broadened my mindset to new approaches, giving me new tools to address challenges, and make improvements in my work process.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role? Least?

The best part of my job is seeing members of my team grow, gain confidence, and take on additional responsibilities. By nurturing and developing my team, I have seen individuals succeed and ascend into new roles within my group as well as to new and challenging roles within the company, both of which are positives in terms of team development. Although they may leave my group, I take so much satisfaction in knowing that I was a part of their success. Conversely, a challenging part of any job is managing a team member who may not be performing to expectations. Coaching is integral in these situations to ensure that the person is in the right role and feels like a productive member of the team.

Q: How do you balance work/personal time?

If I had answered this question earlier in my career, I would have said I am still figuring it out. However, now that I have two kids in college and a husband who also works full-time, I found that the way to balance work and personal time is to know that even the most accomplished person cannot do it all alone. It is fine to rely on others for help. Priorities shift daily, so you must be as flexible as possible. Rather than trying to do a hundred things on your own, it is okay to ask your team, a colleague, or your family for help. I have come to terms with the view that asking for help does not mean you have failed; it means that you have the perspective and experience to ask for help when you need it.



Wendy Eng is managing director, Consumer and Industrial Valuations, for Gordon Brothers. She is responsible for the operational leadership of the Valuation Division’s commercial and industrial asset  teams, in addition to leading the consumer products inventory valuation practice. Wendy leads a team of senior managers engaged in all aspects of consumer and industrial inventory valuations. Wendy also assists in training and business development for Gordon Brothers’ international valuations practice.

Prior to joining Gordon Brothers in 2004, Wendy served as a vice president for Great American Group’s Consumer Division, specializing in retail and wholesale appraisals across a wide range of industries including footwear, apparel, toys, catalog, department stores, grocery, drugstores, and home furnishings. Wendy also acquired over 10 years of experience in merchandising, inventory control, and strategic planning and analysis while holding positions for companies such as The Rockport Group, Reebok International, Filene’s, and Jordan Marsh.

Wendy earned her Bachelor of Science degree in marketing management from Bentley University and a Master in Business Administration from Suffolk University. She has also completed the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice coursework.