Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial

Monetizing assets at all stages of the supply chain and enabling the orderly sale of machinery, equipment and inventory

Gordon Brothers Group works closely with companies of all sizes across sectors to monetize under-performing and obsolete commercial and industrial assets at any point along the supply chain. This encompasses raw materials for extraction and harvesting, raw materials for processing and manufacturing, machinery and equipment, as well as finished goods.

Inventory Solutions

For inventory solutions, we specialize in structuring complex, multi-asset deals both domestically and worldwide. Our global network of sector-specific specialists assists our clients in developing disposition strategies for every category of raw materials, unfinished inventory, finished inventory, work-in-process conversions, cancelled orders and overstocks. View asset categories

Machinery & Equipment Dispositions

Additionally, we have a strong track record for maximizing the value of machinery and equipment. We bring an unprecedented combination of marketing, financial, legal and operational expertise to customized disposition formats, ranging from on-site negotiated sales to privately negotiated bulk sales, and from web-based sales to auctions.
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Value-Added Services

Beyond working on a commission or fee basis, we can also guarantee up to $250 million in capital for any single transaction, prefund disposition activities, or purchase all components of each disposition transaction up front while sharing returns with the seller. As a result, our deep financial strength enables us to rapidly monetize all classes of inventory via discreet channels while always protecting our clients’ brands, distribution channels, relationships and reputations.

At the same time, we enhance recovery rates by regularly conducting asset sales within existing Gordon Brothers Group inventory and/or real estate disposition events, thereby utilizing our extensive existing infrastructure to reduce operating expenses that would otherwise be part of an asset disposition effort. Above all, the focus always remains on value maximization and the ability to work flexibly as a strategic and financial partner to our clients.