Maximizing the value of intellectual property

For over 100 years, Gordon Brothers Group has led the way in the management, recovery, acquisition and valuation of the hard assets on which brands and other forms of intellectual property are built. By leveraging our intimate knowledge of consumer markets, sourcing, marketing and retailing, we are uniquely positioned to maximize the value of brands and other intangible assets, such as customer lists, trademarks, domain names, patents and licensing agreements. We put our own capital to work on acquiring, lending or investing in intellectual property, either as part of a disposition event or other capital transaction.

Gordon Brothers Group primarily focuses on middle-market transaction opportunities and operates across a wide variety of industry sectors including, but not limited to:

  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Footwear
  • Housewares and Domestics
  • Toys
  • Entertainment & Media


Additionally, Gordon Brothers Group performs formal appraisals of businesses, brands and intellectual property—often used as security for Tranche B asset-based loans—either as an independent asset class or in conjunction with other asset appraisals.

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Sharper Image
The Sharper Image

Provided inventory and real estate disposition services during the Company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Acquired the brand, converted it to a licensing model and sold it after facilitating its expansion to over 30 licensees.

Linens 'N Things
Linens  ľN Things

Purchased, as part of a joint venture, the intellectual property of this brand, relaunched it as an online business and resold it in 2013. Disposed of retail inventory and real estate nationally during Chapter 11.


Acquired, as part of a joint venture, the brand, intellectual property, inventory and other assets of this 72-year-old company. The company now operates under a licensing platform within the consumer electronics space.