Appraisal & Valuation

Valuation & Advisory Services

Global valuations based on real-world experience

Gordon Brothers Group conducts billions in appraisals each year and is the principal appraiser for nearly every major global asset-based lender in North America, Japan and across Europe. We perform appraisals in over 100 asset classes in eight main areas, including:

  • Consumer Products
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • High Technology
  • Industrial Inventory
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Brand/Intellectual Property
  • Energy

Our integrated approach combines customized analytical strategies with hands-on field assessments conducted by hundreds of senior merchants and certified industry experts. This approach maximizes the exchange of ideas, consensus of risk and appraisal accuracy. Further, we leverage Gordon Brothers Group’s real-world experience obtained through the annual purchase and sale of billions of dollars of assets at every point along the supply chain. The knowledge gained from these transactions provides valuable insight and forms the basis of every appraisal we issue. After a rigorous review, our disposition principals sign off on every project—ensuring appraisals that reflect actual recovery values in a liquidation scenario. Such a comprehensive approach results in appraisals that are insightful, timely and accurate.


In addition to our unparalleled net orderly liquidation value (NOLV) appraisals, we offer valuations that are essential for determining true market value in mergers and acquisitions, accounting, and going-concern selling situations. Gordon Brothers Group provides business enterprise valuations, fair market valuations and purchase price allocation reports.

Advisory Services

Private equity firms, lenders and operating companies often call on Gordon Brothers Group to provide detailed field due diligence, market analysis and proprietary methodologies to help evaluate existing and prospective transactions, affect turnaround plans or guide growth strategies. We provide customized advisory reports or hands-on support, including business plan reviews, market and competitive analysis, due diligence, and operational consulting.