Gordon Brothers Group is composed of multiple divisions and affiliates that work both in unison and independently to provide clients with capital and operating solutions to overcome today's global business challenges.

Brand Division
Acquires distressed or orphaned consumer products and retail brands; reengineers their business models to maximize value in today's global marketplace.

Commercial & Industrial Division
Monetizes any combination of raw materials, work-in-process, finished inventory, machinery & equipment and industrial real estate through an outright acquisition of assets or by structuring disposition guarantees.  

Retail Division
Maximizes the value of retail inventory and fixed assets by orchestrating strategic store closings while protecting the perception of the brand and the customer experience.

DJM Real Estate
(the real estate division of Gordon Brothers Group)
Purchases, evaluates, restructures, disposes of and facilitates the acquisition of all types of real estate, ranging from single properties to diverse real estate portfolios.

Gordon Brothers-AccuVal
Provides lending institutions and private equity sponsors with real-world asset appraisals and valuations derived from our extensive disposition and lending experience, as well as our proprietary asset database, the largest in the world.

Gordon Brothers Europe
Provides disposition, appraisal, lending and investment solutions to clients in all sectors throughout Europe.

Gordon Brothers Japan
Developing the asset-based lending, appraisal and disposition markets in Japan as part of a joint venture with the Development Bank of Japan.