Community Service

One of our values at Gordon Brothers is to “seek balance among work, family and community". Giving back to our community is important to us and we provide different ways for employees to donate their time with local, community groups.   

From the beginning, Gordon Brothers Group has believed that “in order to be good businesspeople, we must first be good people”. We have a long-standing tradition of helping those in need, not only financially, but also through active employee involvement in the community. The following highlights some of the projects and programs we are involved in each year:  

Annual Philip and Bernice Frieze Charity Golf Tournament 

The golf tournament benefits Children’s Hospital by providing financial relief to thousands of families with children who have serious illnesses.  

Global Give Back Day 

One day each summer, our employees coordinate efforts by performing community service activities around the world.

United Way 

Our employees run an annual United Way campaign.

Richard House Hospice U.K. 

Our colleagues in Europe help London’s first hospice, from designing signage to organizing donated goods and more.

Holiday Campaign of Giving 

We donate $25,000 among four national and international charities each year at the holidays when the need is great.

Paid Volunteer Time 

We allow our employees up to three days of paid time each year to volunteer with causes that are personally meaningful to the employee.